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This website was specifically designed to make it accessible to anyone who wants to reach its content through a common browser or other medium, whether they have a disability or not.

1. Help

The homogeneous navigation at the top includes a link to the help page and the sitemap. The help menu includes detailed information on accessibility.

2. Images
The use of images has been kept to a minimum and they offer alternative text (alt tags).

3. Text

Text has been formatted using a cascading style sheet (CSS), with black text on a white background for optimal contrast that is easy to read. The font size has been set using relative values. This allows users to set a larger text size in their browser preferences.

4. Changing text size

Internet Explorer: View > Text size
Firefox: Option > Content > Font & colours
Chrome: Settings > Web content > Font size

5. Changing the font

Internet Explorer: Internet Options> General> Appearance> Fonts
Firefox: Content> Fonts & colours
Chrome: Web Content> Customize Fonts

6. Change the font colour

Internet Explorer: Tools> Internet Options> General> Appearance> Fonts
Firefox: Options> Content> Fonts & colours
Chrome: Settings> Administer site >  Themes, colours, and fonts

7. Opening a new window
Links to external websites and files to be downloaded, such as PDF files, are clicked and opened in a new browser. This allows you to switch from the Arait Multimedia website to the new window and vice versa.

Links to a “printable version” also open in a new window to present the content in a format which is optimized for printing.

8. Hotkeys
Hotkeys are common in Internet browsers. If you do not have the exact version of a particular browser, some of these hotkeys may not work, if any.

Description Hotkeys
Help F1
Move the cursor to the top of the page Control + Home
Move the cursor to the bottom of the page Control + End
Move the cursor to the address bar Control + L ó Alt + D
Open another browser window Control + N
Open browser history Control + H
Manage bookmarks Control + I
See page as a favourite Control + D
Refresh the current page F5
Stop loading the current page Escape
Zoom Control + +/-
Set the page to 100% zoom Control + 0
See the page in full screen mode F11
Print the current page Control + P
Save the page Control + S
Open a new tab Control + T
Close the current page Control + W
Find on the page Control + F
Enter private browsing mode Control + Shift + P ó Control + Shift + N
Close the browser Alt + F4


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