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Discover Science
Data Sheet
FORMAT: 26 eps. x 14’
GENRE: documentary
LANGUAGE: english / Sub. english


Presented with stylish images and unique and big experiments, discover science will capture anyone’s rapt attention. All footage of the experiments is real; No CGI. The enigmatic “Experiment Rangers” (not talking heads) lead the program and even venture to use their own bodies as tools to conduct the experiments. As they repeat trial and error attempts, the Experiment Rangers demonstrate the physical laws of nature. Through their successes with these large-scale experiments, this series will surely allure a wide range of audience, from elementary schoolers to adults, into the fun and depth of science.


List of episodes:

1. The Camel Stands on Eggs
2. Under Pressure
3. Mighty Glass
4. Flying Whale
5. A ‘Salty’ Wedding
6. The Secret of Aerial Ballet
7. The Ball Comes Back?
8. The Mighty Strong Book
9. The Rescue! The Leverage Plan
10. Ball Stops at High Speed!?
11. The Apple Doesn’t Wanna Move!?
12. Let’s Play Long Billiards
13. Swing by 100km/h
14. Sound is Mighty?
15. Let’s See the Speed of Sound
16. Come Together
17. Let’s Solar Cooking!
18. Human Power Generation
19. Lemon Car
20. Draw with Static Electricity
21. Magnetic Ninja
22. Ice on Fire
23. Water Blade
24. The Big Chase! 7 Hours of the Gigantic Shadow
25. How Heavy is an Elephant?
26. Bring Light to Darkness


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