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Inazuma Eleven: The Movie
Data Sheet
FORMAT: 1 eps. x 90’
GENRE: aventure, action
TARGET: children between 6 and 12 years old
Other Territories: Botswana, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea, Israel, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa,
St., Helena, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zanzibar, The Gambia, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


80 years after Raimon Jr. High has won the Football Frontier, Football has gained the strong popularity and Endo’s never-give-up-spirit and his style to cherish team mates, which has contributed to their victory has influenced many people to love football. However, there are some people not happy with this situation. The revolutionaries, led by Admiral Hibiki, took Football as the wrongness which weaken the people in the future and made them forget to fight. They thought this came from the captain of Raimon Jr. High, Mamoru Endo, so they formed the strongest team consists of specially trained soldiers, called TEAM OGRE and send the team to the Football Frontier 80 years ago to stop Raimon Jr. High to champion and change the history.

The story goes back to 80 years ago… Mamoru Endo entered Raimon Jr. High and was excited to join the football Team there, however he found there is no football team there and so he started to find the team mates. At last, he found just enough members to play football and started to enjoy the training with them. They had special training to develop super techniques and finally they have managed to join the Football Frontier.

Even during the Football Frontier, they keep developing super techniques, welcomed a few new members and of course had special training everyday and finally made it to the Final match.

There is a boy looking like Endo carefully observing the situation at Raimon Jr. High’s football team. Wonder who this boy is…

Meanwhile, the future in 80 years later, Admiral Hibiki was just about to send Team Ogre to the past of 80 years ago…

Back to the past, at the Football Frontier Zeus Jr. High who beaten the last year’s champion, Royal Academy, was defeated by Team Ogre with the score of 36-0. This has brought the big shock among Endo and other team mates.

And now, it is time for the final match, Raimon Jr. High vs. Team Ogre.

As usual, Endo tried to off the shake hands saying “Let’s make the great game.”, but the captain of Team Ogre, Badap stated flatly that “Football is a Battle and this is the battle field”.  And there is that boy again, who look like Endo, but with a restless look..

Raimon Jr. High was irritated because they cannot play their own football. In other words, they are puzzled with the strange play of Team Ogre. They do not try to offense or defense, all they do is just standing on the field. However, in the second half, Team Ogre started to change into 100% offense mode and Raimon Jr. High could not keep up with them and nearly half of the member collapsed on the field. Endo try to encourage them and tell them not to give up. Looking at the situation, Badap claims Endo that his words to encourage team mates hurts them conversely.

And then suddenly, that mysterious boy made an appearance on the field. The boy is called Cannon Endo, the great-grand son of Mamoru Endo. He came from the future to save his great-grand father t from his crisis. He was not the only one; there were also Shiro Fubuki, Hiroto Kiyama, Seiya Tobitaka, Toramaru Utsunomiya and Fidio Ardena. Endo’s future team mate all came along to save the history and help Endo. Endo and the team mate could not believe this at first of course, but they have now decided to go against Team Ogre together. New super techniques and collaborated super techniques with new team members finally made a score from Team Ogre. They gained a force with this and with never-give-up mind, they finally beat Team Ogre!

Badap still claims to Endo that his never-give-up mind and his magic word “Let’s Play football together” made people forget about fighting. However, Endo tells Badap that what’s more important is to have bravery to fight, not to fight itself.

Badap realized what Endo meant and left the field with smile. So as known to everyone, Raimon Jr. High has championed the Football Frontier and history was secured.

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